Exhibition Date: 
Friday, November 13, 2015

ECLECTICA Design & Art presents | Aesthetically Vogue


With the arrival of a new season, comes the time for reflection and new discussions – not to mention new creations! At Eclectica Design & Art, the Spring/Summer Exhibition is inspired and informed by ideas of how aesthetics can remain relevant without the concern of time of the influence of fads. As such, the work that has been selected strives to embody the different ways in which work can be successfully aesthetic – this means that the work is able to stand as a piece that has value based on the beauty or aesthetic content, over and above context. Aesthetically Vogue speaks to the timelessness of creativity and the appeal of how innovative expressions can result in aesthetic

adventures and new ideas of being. Intrinsically linked to philosophy, aesthetics in art provides a fascinating platform for further discourse and investigation around notions of value and beauty. With this new exhibition, showcasing works of numerous local artists as well as iconic furniture pieces, Eclectica Design & Art seeks to continue the conversations begun with the debut show, furthering questions around what it means to create art in contemporary society and how to create work that is successfully aesthetic.

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Chris Denovan

As the artist describes himself: Independent Design professional, Animator and Fine Artist with broad experience in all aspects of animation and art. Direct experience with independent art workshops, art curators and animation directors. Interested in understanding and dealing with commercialism, and making sense of the mechanics and metaphysics surrounding the fine art sphere. A Graduate of the Ruth Prowse School of Art with a Diploma in Fine Art. For his graduate body of work and thesis he concentrated on Portraiture interpreting Prejudice, Discrimination and power relations in gender and ethnicity. Exploring various painting techniques in portraiture is his manner in which he developed his own unique style.

Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal is an artist that paints figurative and abstract forms and architectural structures. Born in Cape Town in 1978, he now lives in Knysna. He paints in acrylic and mixed media on wooden board using a monochromatic palette with areas of positive and negative space in which gives his forms a stylized graphic feel. The artist enjoys the contrast of a minimal palette with the application of expressive brushstroke and bold lines.

Matthew Hindley is a South African artist born in Cape Town 1974, who lives and works in Cape Town and Berlin. After graduating with the Michaelis Prize from the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2002 he received his BA(FA) from the University of Cape Town. Major exhibitions: South African National Gallery and Bell Roberts Gallery in Cape Town; Showroom, Berlin, Germany; Danubiana Art Museum, Bratislava; Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum; National Centre for African American Arts, Boston, USA. Hindley has explored sculpture, drawing, video and physical computing and more recently has focussed on painting. Hindley is represented in South Africa by Everard Read Gallery.

Marna Hattingh's drawings centre very much around her endeavour to gain an understanding of human nature and exhibits a juxtaposition of playfulness alongside stern thoughtfulness. Further to the matter of complexities within society, she employs the method of multi layered images. Rhythm, repetition and ornamentation all form a distinct and integral vehicle with which to express the ideology behind her work. A strong narrative is always present, but intentionally does lend itself to an open minded interpretation. Themes such as dancing are also visible in her works - as she says "The act of dancing has certain visceral qualities of expression, with which I identify".

Birgit de Boer was born in Holland. She finds artistic inspiration from her travels. Her work reflects the various cultures she has seen. She incorporates architectural elements in her painting to heighten her storytelling in her art. In her painting she uses gold leaf, its a legacy of her sojourns in Asia.

Norman O'Flynn

Having been awarded the Irma Stern Award for Excellence in printmaking is amongst one of the accomplishments of Norman O’Flynn. The state of humanity is questioned and interpreted in his work, and this is ironically portrayed by very playful and harmless manner - though there is  a decided and intentional cynical and dark sense of humour exhibited. His work brings into play, a unique visual language ranging from comic book superheroes to demi-gods, triumphant ballet dancers, and space age fertility figures - all employed in his satirical observation of society. With regards to medium, he uses oil paint and plexi-glass, combined with a technique of layering and patterning.

Sarah Danes Jarrett has studied Graphic Design, and has worked within that industry-and years later decided to pursue painting. Brazen, dynamic and coarse brushstrokes are paradoxical to the story she wishes to portray in her work-that is one of femininity,

vulnerability and tenderness. This technique is amplified by the use of large scale canvasses - that invades ones space, along with dramatic colour use which bears no relation to the natural tones of a person's skin; says the artist. Mainly portraying people in her work; curving necks, puckered lips, sweeping hair, emotional, deep eyes and transparency of skin portrays the tale that the artist states she is unable to communicate verbally.

Peter Pharoah's work has been described as a stunning evocation of tribal people, imbued with the heat and dust of Africa. 'Pharoah tells of an adoration for Africa and its people. "The heat, dust and textures are my inspiration and the beauty, strength and pride of the people make interesting subjects, their faces providing a vehicle to portray a feeling of Africa. Defining the elegance and allure of the African people through the application of large bold brushstrokes, which also depicts the rough, bold intensity of colour and texture that visually resembles an aesthetic style found in Africa.

Ronald Muchatuta was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. In his art he deals with issues of immigration in Africa. As an immigrant himself, he tackles the problems xenophobia and uses art as a medium to express himself. 

He is also a recognized mosaic artist. He completed an architectural mosaic course at the Spier Art Academy in Cape Town.