Stanislaw Trzebinski

Kenyan born artist Stanislaw Trzebinski’s artistic journey can be traced back to the influ- ences of his late father and painter, Tonio Trzebinksi and designer mother Anna. Trzebin- ski moved to Cape Town in 2012 to pursue an apprenticeship in sculpture and bronze casting. The artist indulges in the exploration of the symbiotic relationship between human beings and the natural world, drawing extensively on his personal engagement with wildlife and cultural diversity. He aims to personify nature through “naturefying” the human form. He replaces the surface of the human body with grafted textures of coral or rock and even incorporates remnants of wax or markings of heat and water used during his process. The figures in most of the works appears to be suspended, palms splayed open in submission. ‘I come in peace’, he seems to say. Again, the artist urges that recon- necting with the natural world is a modern imperative