Natasha Barnes

As one of the most popular and celebrated contemporary South African exports, Natasha Barnes is a featured artist at the ECLECTICA Design & Art’s launch exhibition Bauhaus Revisted. Her work has been widely exhibited, from Abu Dhabi to New York and in Private Collections across Europe, Africa and Asia. Barnes co-owns the Turner Barnes Gallery in the UK and has published a cookbook, The Culinary Adventures of a Travelling Cook that follows her numerous traveling adventures across the world. As an artist, Natasha Barnes reflects the true spirit of her own personality through her expressive works that exude emotion and creativity – from her more somber works, to the transient and lively works housed within the Eclectica collection.


Natasha Barnes was trained at the Silwood Kitchens in Rondebosch, where she was awarded the high honors of Grande Diplome in Cordon Bleu cookery, launching her into a career of the culinary arts. However, painting has always been her first love. At the age of seven, Barnes fell in love with the practice of painting but it was only after several years of working in the cooking industry that she decided to focus more on the visual arts. As such, Natasha Barnes has no formal art training but instead works introspectively, using her emotions and experiences as a guide to creation. The paintings are therefore cathartic expressions of her inner thoughts and moments and have been visualized through colour and texture. The featured work chosen for the Barnes’s cubicle at the Bauhaus Revisted exhibition shows her consciousness of the Bauhaus sensitivity for bright colours and strong forms. Her painting, Transient (2015) compliments the furniture in the space by highlighting and picking up on the modern designs and the way in which forms that are wholly aesthetic can become functional. While producing a unique and recognizable style, Natasha Barnes is a prolific creator with versatile work that shows personality and an interpretive awareness of the world that surrounds her.