Klaus Wettergren

Klaus Wettergren (1946 –) is a lesser-known Danish designer. His style of working centers around a fascination with the textures of smooth wood paired with hard steel, while focusing on triangular shapes and geometric aesthetics. The motif that runs through Wettergren’s work is an interest around the light wood that contrasts with the dark lacquered wood, which created a dialogical set of binaries looking at tones and the versatility of wood as a material.

Klaus Wettergren, Sitting Sculpture, (1987)

The Sitting Sculpture is a prime example of Klaus Wettergren’s recognizable aesthetic. The chair blends the stylistic techniques of the Danish modernist, while changing and reinterpreting art forms. The chair’s title works to elevating the piece to fit into a separate dialogue that moves away from pure, functional design, into the constructs of fine art and sculpture.