Daya Heller

Daya Heller is a fine artist practicing in the mediums of sculpture, painting and drawing, exploring the human form and experience, from her studio near Cape Point. Heller graduated in sculpture from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2006. Her work centres around the cyclical nature of life, dualities of mascu- line and feminine and the physical and immaterial. She is well known for her public sculptural installations at Afrikaburn – ‘Lilith & The Garden of Eden’ 2014. In 2015 she had a retrospective, self-organised solo exhibi- tion in Scarborough: ‘Liminal Alchemy’; and her debut solo, ‘EROS LOGOS of Sex & God’ took place at Diedericks/Faber Fine Art in November 2015.

For Muse Montage, Heller honors the power of women and their innate quali- ties of vulnerable power and wisdom as inspiration for her work Body of Earth.