Caleb Chisha

Born in 1986 in Ndola, Zambia, Chisha lives and works in Lusaka. He is a self-taught artist and created his first art- works when he was in high school. At that time he also joined the Visual Arts Council, that helped him practice and improve his skills and technique. In a short space of time, basically since 2010, when he caught the public’s eye at the age of 24 Caleb Chisha has rapidly established him- self as one of Zambia’s most gifted young painters. Chisha works in association with the Zambia UK Art Collective.

The works, currently on exhibition for South Facing share a a common theme: The Duality of Cultural Evolution. He focuses on this within Zambia. You will notice that a lot of his works focus on people, often times children and he does this probe and question how uniquely Zambian artifacts are impacted for the good or bad. While change over time is an inevitability, sometimes it brings positive impacts, other times negative and these changes occur in concert.