Boeta Phyf

Boeta Phyf (aka Neil Phyfer) is an unconventional, exciting, experimental and creative new artist. Not formally trained, Boeta Phyf was moulded and educated through street art and Graffiti practice in the late 1990s on the streets of Cape Town. His approach to art-making is through innovation and development of ideas in a very visual manner, often using very bright colours or layering to create pop-up and op-art effects. Phyf found himself increasingly engaged by creating doodles on his phone before moving onto vector-based image creation on Adobe Illustrator, where he soon began conceptualising his sculptural creations. Boeta Phyf’s work has been described as 3D graffiti because of his use of wood cut outs that emulate the writing styles and subject matter often seen in street art. The wording used in the designs speak to the typical slang and local phrases, mostly used in and around Cape Town and with the comic-like, lively woodcuts, the notion of wall art becoming 3D really comes to life with the expressive lettering and imagery popping out at the viewer.