Amelia Malatji

Amelia Malatji is a South African artist residing in Johannesburg. Malatji was born in 1988 in Polokwane, Limpopo. Having studied art in 2007 at Tshwane University of Technology, she completed her Btech in Fine Arts also becoming an Absa regional finalist for Absa L’Atelier Art competition in 2011. Amelia is currently studying part time for a Bachelors in Education at the University of South Africa in Johannesburg and is also a teacher of creative arts to high school students.

In her art practice, Malatjie’s continues to paint and work in mixed media. Her fundamental aim is to explore the obscurities prev- alent in identity, tradition and culture through the depiction of individuals and social relationships within rural African communities. The cow is a recurring motif that alludes to cultural beliefs of material wealth and offering, as well as historical beliefs and traditional practices. Her work functions as a social mirror, both for herself through her own depicted memories but also for the broader public, where the interaction and reaction of recognized themes can create a conversation around the broader society of today. A particular focus of hers is the female body and how it exists within the post-colonial, post-Apartheid South Africa. By working mostly in oils and occasionally including mixed media, she is able to gesture to the legacy of painting and story-telling in South Africa.